We are very proud to support the Friends of Westerleigh Park!

We applaud the great efforts of this strong neighborhood group that is so very active in maintenance and keeping the community together by hosting over 20 events a year.

We have been proudly serving the community in Westerleigh for over 89 years.  We thank all of you for your generous support.  We could not have made it without you.  We are a family business and many of our employees have been from Westerleigh.  We are so happy to have employed many children from the neihborhood and look forward to employing many more in the future.

We are experts in Wedding and Event planning and enjoy creating the unique designs to compliment your special event.

We are so much more than  florist

Plants, silk designs, Wreaths, balloons (latex and mylar) scented candles, plush animals, unique vases, dish gardens, fresh flowers delivered 4 times a day, fruit and gourmet baskets, specialty baskets (Italian baskets, Kosher askets, junk food baskets, expert Funeral design, baby gift items, Plush animals and so much more!

Eighty years ago, Grandpa Michael started it all at OK Auto Body on Barker St. and from that point on there was oil in our blood.  The Zaloom's have been making Staten Island a better place to drive ever since.

There's nothing that can replace experience and hard work when it comes to getting ou back on the road quickly and safely, and that's the difference you'll see in every job we do.  We're the kind of people who don't get tired of happy customers, and we'll never get tired of doing great work.

The All-American, local garage is alive and well; four generations deep.

We're car people who love what we do, and this business is how we make our living.

We'r also Staten Islanders.  We ride the ferry.  We hang out at Cloe Lakes.  We take advantage of the incredible Italian food that surrounds us, andwe visit the shops that are all along Victory Blvd.  We're just like you, and this is home.

Today we support the Community resource in addition to the following with our time and finances: Alzheimer's Foundation of SI, Pregnancy Care Center, Salem Church and Utipia Basketball, ESL and Tutoring Programs.

We're trying to lift the standards of a business that isn't always looked upon as ethical.  One way we do that is by taking care of the community that takes care of us.

We offer fiar prices and a Incredible 12,00 mile – 24 Month Warrenty.

We're looking foward to servicing you.

Your neighbors,

George and Joseph Zaloom


Reiman's Hardware at 1825 Victory Blvd, is a family buisness for 85 years.  One of the few remaining hardware stores on Staten Island and still going strong.

In 1927 Max Reiman founded the Reiman's Hardware.  It has been quoted as a "Family Institution".

Max's son Lee, who passed away in 2003, grew up learning the trade from watching his dad.  Today Reiman's is operated by Lee's 3 sons John, Kris and Scott.

We beleive tht almost all Islanders, especially on the North Shore are familiar with or shopped at Reiman's.  If your building or repairing something you can get what you need at Reiman's and get expert advice at no extra cost.

Anything you need, even from the last century they have it.

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